I never really thought about donating to charity while in my 20’s; I figured I would just donate more later in life once I had the means to make an impact. But it’s never too early to start donating your time and money, especially now in 2020. Individual savings are…

Credit: “RonaRig” courtesy of Instagram’s Levered Lloyd

Hopefully, most of us know the importance of staying safe and being considerate. But let’s not neglect our mental health, sanity, and the opportunity to use this time for personal enrichment. So here you go…

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It allows you to borrow someone else’s brain. It makes you smarter, richer intellectually, more…

John LeFevre

Signed contracts with Goldman Sachs and Simon & Schuster, and paid lawyers more than I made. Author of STRAIGHT TO HELL (not about @gselevator or Goldman Sachs)

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